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  Care for New Asphalt
 There are many helpful tips that you should keep in mind in order to keep your new drive in its best possible condition. Here are a few

 things to remember about asphalt, especially while it's curing and during warm days:

  • Okay to walk on right away.
  • No automobile traffic for at least 3 days after paving.
  • Back fill open edges for structural support.
  • Don't always park vehicle in same spot.
  • Avoid sharply turning vehicle tires & unnecessary acceleration.
  • Limit Heavy-duty truck traffic.
  • Don't parking heavy trailers for long periods of time.
  • Use caution with motorcycle kickstands.
  • Avoid using folding chairs on new surface.
  • Don't use gasoline, oil, anti-freeze or transmission fluids over asphalt.
  • Fill potential cracks (1/4" or larger) with a pourable rubber product.

 All of these common actions have the capability of damaging the surface of your pavement, especially during its first year. Excessive

 weight on concentrated areas will leave indentations in the blacktop, while the listed fluids will prematurely weaken asphalt and cause


  Asphalt Sealing

  Seal coating places a protective barrier atop asphalt drives that locks out corrosive moisture and liquid fuels, protects the surface from

 ultraviolet rays and rejuvenates the rich black look. Seal coating can be applied with broom-like tools or through professional sprayers.

 Once applied, seal coating requires 24 to 48 hours of curing time before the surface becomes ready for walking and vehicle traffic.

 Hardening time depends on temperature and humidity levels.

  Care & Maintenance

  The best way to ensure a long life for asphalt driveways is the seal coating process. This keeps a binding on the surface and locks out

 elements that corrode aging asphalt. If dents or large cracks form over time, asphalt patching material should be applied before seal

 coating. Avoiding oil and gasoline leaks and spills also extends the life of asphalt driveways. Sealcoating asphalt surfaces does much more

 than extend its life and prevent cracking. Sealcoating helps prevent damage from ultraviolet light and also helps prevent water and ice

 from seeping into the surface of the asphalt causing it to crumble

 By being patient and following this advice, your asphalt paved driveway will be around for many years to come.

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